Dr. Kim is a board
certified physician practicing
in the Los Angeles area

Dr. Kim's strong medical background and diverse experience has proven to be the key to the quality of his services that his patient care. Through the years he has enriched his knowledge and understanding of Internal Medicine and Integrative Medicine by taking those little extra steps that give his medical services the edge over other's in his field of medicine.

The medical offices of Chong Kim, MD provide you with an inviting feeling, and never rushes you to a decision about your health. We believe that your body is it's own greatest healer, and with his combined methods of Eastern and Western medical philosophies, we can provide you with the knowledge, services, and comfort that will help you to lead a much more health and happy life.

Please take a moment to read through Dr. Kim's curriculum vitae below. If you have any questions or comments, or would like to contact our offices in Torrance, CA, please contact us here. Thank you for letting Dr. Kim and his friendly staff help you down your path of greater health and wellness!"

Click Here for Dr. Kim's Resume

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